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Emraan calls Aishwarya 'plastic' to win hamper..

Emraan Hashmi


New Delhi, Oct. 17 -- Known to be unapologetilically upfront, Emraan Hashmi made jaws drop when he called actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan "plastic" in a chat show with filmmaker Karan Johar, earlier this year. Now, however, Hashmi says that he said that in jest, just to win the coveted hamper on the show.

"I didn't' mean it. I'm' a big fan of Aishwarya. It's the format of the show. I cannot not say things and not win the hamper," laughs the 35-yearold actor, adding, "I love her. I have always been a great admirer of her work."

Admitting that he made the remark about the ex-Miss world and award-winning actor purely to live up to the spirit of the show, and knowing that it will create a stir, the Murder (2004) and Dirty Picture (2011) fame actor says, "I knew people would make big deal out of it... so what, people make a big deal out of nonsense all the time!"