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Actors plant link-up stories: Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi


New Delhi, Sept. 10 -- Emraan Hashmi is as bold and outspoken in real life as he is on screen. So, when asked how the much-married dad to a four-year-old son has saved himself from link-up rumours in his over-a -decade long career, he winks saying, "I'm just smart."

However, the 35-year-old doesn't stop at that. Taking a dig at his industry colleagues, he adds, "I've heard weird stories of actors planting stories about them hooking up." Startled, we prod, and he gives a naughty smile, saying, "You didn't know that?"

Emraan feels that creating link-up rumours is just an easy route to grab headlines. "Ya, they do it even before their films release ... to look like an attractive commodity, saying stuff like, 'Oh, I'm dating so-and-so, I've dated so many girls...' and then stories are created like who's dating this hottest guy right now ... makes great print and they want to be in news so they talk about it," says Emraan, adding, "I hold my personal things very close and dear to me, so I don't talk about things that are personal, and not supposed to be spoken about. I only talk about my films, and people find it a bit weird that I haven't been linked up! Like, I've created some things that are blasphemous but I've never been linked up with my co-actors, so people think, 'there must be something wrong with him'." And then, he cheekily adds "I think I do enough cr*p on screen ... So I'll leave it for on-screen only!"

Curious, we question how his wife, Parveen, reacts to his bold acts, or his 'serial kisser' stories on print every time after his film hits the screen. "She doesn't read tabloids, she doesn't give too much importance to such things ... Nor do I actually," he says, with his trademark nonchalant smile.