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Salman Khan appoints bodyguards for Elli Avram?

Elli Avram


Swedish actor Elli Avram made an unmemorable Bollywood debut in Mickey Virus (2013), but she is better known for being a contestant on Bigg Boss 7. On the reality show, her proximity to host Salman Khan was evident, and rumours of them being a couple have also been rife for a long time. Reportedley, he has even appointed a team of bodyguards for her safety.

Now, we’ve been told that Salman has been taking special care of Elli for many months now. An industry source says, "After the show, he made arrangements for her to stay at his farmhouse in Panvel. She lived there for almost five months."

It’s said that Salman would also visit her there often. He would guide her with her workouts as he wants her to gain a foothold in Bollywood.

Eventually, since Elli couldn’t be away from Mumbai for too long, Salman apparently made arrangements for her to move back to the city. "He has found her a place to stay in Bandra so that she can be accessible to producers, and plan her future projects with them. He has even appointed a team of bodyguards for her safety," adds the source.