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Katrina: 'I've neither seen Elli nor watched the show'

Elli Avram

Mumbai, Dec. 17 -- She is just one film old, but the Swedish-Greek actor Elli Avram has already caught India's attention, all thanks to the adulation she drew from Salman Khan. A couple of months ago, Salman even went on to compare Elli with Katrina Kaif, saying that she reminds him of Katrina from five years ago.    

Ask Katrina, who has been keeping away from the media since then, and she says, "I have not turned on my TV for the past three months. So I have no idea what's happening there," says the actor, who is now awaiting her next release, Dhoom:3.    

But has she heard of Elli? "You know I have been asked about her earlier too. Someone told me that Salman said she looks like me. But I have neither seen Elli nor watched that show," says Katrina.    

She seems unperturbed about the fact that Salman drew similarities between her and Elli. "What do I say about that? If that's the case, good for her," she says.    

With many new actresses such as Parineeti Chopra and Alia Bhatt making inroads into Bollywood and delivering hits, where does she see herself in the next five years? "My future has no relation with anyone else's future. It will depend on my performances and my films. If my films do well, then I will be there - happy and content," says Katrina.