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No feud, say Ekta Kapoor and Maanyata..

Ekta Kapoor


New Delhi, Nov. 10 -- After a recent report appeared in a Mumbai tabloid suggesting that filmmaker Ekta Kapoor has taken actor Sanjay Dutt to court over a ' 1.5 crore dispute, Ekta and Dutt's wife Maanyata issued a joint statement yesterday, refuting the whole issue.

"The story is frivolous. I value relationships more than money. The Dutt family is like an extended family to me. I would never think of bothering bhabi (Maanyata) with such a trivial matter, knowing that Sanju sir is not around. I am looking forward to working with the Dutts soon," said Ekta in the statement.

Sanjay is currently serving his jail term in the Yerwada jail, Pune, for illegal possession of arms during the 1993 Mumbai blasts. It was reported that Ekta had paid Sanjay ' 1.5 crore as signing amount for a film that she was co-producing and Sanjay was to star in, but the two fell out, and Ekta now wants her money back.

Maanyata, too, clarified the issue in the statement, along with Ekta, saying, "It is unfortunate that people, be it friends or foes, while being misinformed themselves, become sources of such stories, and it is not even considered fit that things be confirmed with the concerned person and his family. We have the highest regards for Jeetu uncle (Ekta's father, actor Jeetenra), Shobha aunty (Ekta's mom) and Ekta. We are looking forward for a long working association in the near future (with them)."