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Let the women rule television: Ekta

Ekta Kapoor


Mumbai, Nov. 3 -- Be it the responsible Tulsi Virani or the dominating Ammaji, women characters have always dominated Indian television.

Producer Ekta Kapoor, aptly called the 'soap queen' of TV, says women are ruling the tube, for the right reasons. "I have had shows where male characters have been prominent, but I believe that in our country, television is a medium mostly targeted at women. So, it's only natural that we have shows which they can relate to. Movies, anyway, are dominated by men, so at least leave television for women," says Ekta, who has given the medium some of its most popular women characters.

After creating a barrage of strong-willed female characters, we wonder if Ekta can afford to have a favourite.

"I can relate to a lot of the characters on my shows, but if you ask me about any one particular character, I would say it is the character of Pihu from Bade Acche Lagte Hain!. It's the one that comes closest. Otherwise there is too much fiction involved for any of them to remain true to me," she says.

Ekta adds that she takes the call on whether to cast a seasoned actor or a newcomer in a role, depending on the temperament of the person. "Some bring in talent and experience, and some bring in hunger and rawness. All these traits are important and work for different type of characters. Sometimes, you need someone's raw energy, and other times you need understanding and stability. So, according to the character, I decide whether we require seasoned actors or fresh faces," she says.