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Ekta Kapoor can't handle joint families

Ekta Kapoor


Mumbai, June 18 -- Although her TV shows uphold Indian values and endorse the tradition of living in a joint family, Ekta Kapoor isn't a fan of living among her extended kin.

"I would never want to live in a joint family. I like [the idea of] the setup but would I want it?... I would like to stay in a joint family on the weekends. Once you have lived in a nuclear family, it's very tough to manage in a joint one," says Ekta.

With many of her current shows being high on romance, are saas-bahu sagas on their way out? "I can't generalise as TV is a vast medium. But I also believe that nothing goes out of fashion on TV. Everything depends on the show's treatment and the progression of the story, like one of my show, which deals with neighbours. It has novelty and it also has a saas and a bahu, a joint family and romance."

About the inspiration for her new show, Ekta Kapoor says that she was moved by director Mohit Suri's film, Aashiqui 2 (2013). "I thought the movie was poignantly made. I believe that love can't only be about passion, though it does play an integral but small part.     It has so much to do with putting someone ahead of you, about selflessness and giving in to your loved one. I read somewhere that love's special quality is that it craves to be yearned. The beauty of love is its yearning."

And, as always, Ekta seems unfazed about the content of her shows being called regressive. "We mirror society; we are not propagating anything. If we don't show the bad, how will we show the good? It is myopic to say, 'Don't show the bad deeds'. This is the only way to enlighten society," she claims.