Divya Dutta
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Divya Dutta likes to reinvent herself!

Divya Dutta


New Delhi, Sept. 29 -- Actor Divya Dutta wants her film projects to exhaust her creatively so she can give her 100% to each character that she performs.

"I like to be drained as an actor and it's always very nice to reinvent yourself during a film. You always want to expand the horizon and this is what I want ... something new that will test my limits as an artist," says Divya.

"I always seek roles that interest me. If there is something that I can add to the character with my own acting experience, then I love taking up such roles," she adds.

The actor, who has played diverse roles in movies such as Gippy (2013), Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) and Badlpaur (2015), is currently busy penning two books and says that she is very excited about them.

"I am busy writing my books and they will be completed soon. One of them should be out next year," says Dutt, adding: "The first one is going to be a fiction and the second one will be a compilation of my write ups."