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Divya Dhutt is in awe of Shabana Aazmi!

Divya Dutta


New Delhi, April 26 -- Bollywood actor Divya Dutta who will again be sharing screenspace with veteran actor Shabana Aazmi after the 2006 film, Umraao Jaan, in an upcoming film, says that she is in awe of the 64-yearold star.

"It was really wonderful working with her. While a lot of people say this just for the heck of it, in this case, I can genuinely say that it was wonderful working with her. I am always in awe of her," says Dutta.

She adds that Shabana was very nice to her on the sets. "She never made me feel that I was junior to her or anything like that - not even for a minute. I really admire her a lot. Her life has been so beautiful," says the Welcome to Sajjanpur actor, who also shares an interesting anecdote.

"When I saw her play, Tumhari Amrita, I was a kid. Back then, I told myself, I would love to work in the play. Few years later, I got the same role (which Shabana had played) in the Punjabi adaptation of the play. It felt surreal when I got that part," she recalls.

Divya, who has been in the industry for nearly two decades, says that her confidence has increased over the years. "It's been about 18-20 years in this industry. I don't think I've any regrets so far. My confidence has only grown. Having said that, I still get nervous when I prepare for a role," she shares.