Dipannita Sharma
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Dipannita remembers her Delhi University days!

Dipannita Sharma


New Delhi, July 28 -- Although actor-model Dipannita Sharma is settled in Mumbai now, she still loves Delhi and the time she spent in the city. Interestingly, Dipannita graduated from Delhi University's Indraprastha College for Women, popularly known as IP college, in History. "Those were some of the most beautiful days of my life," remembers Dipannita, adding, "I made friends for life and had loads of fun."

Recalling her first day in college, Dipannita says, "On the first day, I was expecting seniors to have a harmless interaction with us, the 'freshers'. So when I went in, a group of seniors caught first year students and made me sing. I readily agreed, so, they let go of me. And five minutes later, another group caught hold of me," she laughs. "Later, in the canteen, they made a few of us walk on the tables. I enjoyed everything, and seniors soon became friendly with me. But those students who were like, 'Oh! I can't do this' were made to do more stuff, but all harmless activities, mind you," she says.

"During my college days, I stayed in a paying guest accommodation where six of us shared three rooms. We got along like a house of fire and were each others' home away from home," reminisces Dipannita.