Dipannita Sharma
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Dipannita goes shopping in Delhi!

Dipannita Sharma

New Delhi, March 21 -- Model-actor Dipannita Sharma is no stranger to being dressed up in designer gowns and couture outfits. And if her role in her upcoming thriller, Ikka Top, is anything to go by, Dipannita has scaled up a notch to look extra chic and glamorous.

The former model plays a crucial member in a Russian mafia gang in India.    

And, even though more than half of the movie's shoot schedule is over, Dipannita, who was recently in Delhi, shopped her heart away to complete her wardrobe for the remaining days of the shoot. In a quest to master the look in the film and to give it her best, Dipannita shopped for almost 30 unique gowns for the movie.

While she was given several options, Dipannita strongly felt that shopping in the Capital would be worthwhile. With the shopping escapade now wrapped up, Dipannita is all set to make a new record of sorts of having the maximum number of wardrobe changes for any given actor in a movie.