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I'm still here: Dino Morea

Dino Morea


New Delhi, July 31 -- The film industry is an impatient place. Once out of sight is out of mind, mostly. However, actor Dino Morea says he'll change the trend, and he is waiting for the right opportunity to prove his point.

"I am still here, meeting people, discussing films, looking for a script. I haven't disappeared. I am very much around," says the 39-year-old.

While he is busy with the "entrepreneurial side of life", which inlcudes his fitness venture and a website that helps people get prasad from their favourite temples and more, he says his heart is in acting. But there are a few problems that he is facing.

"My heart is in acting. But in the industry, you are only as good as your last Friday. You have to fight the misconception that if you aren't seen in films for some time, you aren't interested. People also start thinking that 'probably nobody wants him, so we won't take him either'. But I am here and I will wow the audience," says the Raaz actor.

And there's more that one has to deal with, says he. "People are ready to write you off and no one knows how one is struggling to hang on. It does affect morale," says Dino.

But he doesn't let it dampen his spirit. In fact, he has been utilising this time to prepare himself for the right opportunity when it strikes.

"I've been working hard. I even attended an acting workshop in Delhi, I've been working with an acting coach and meeting people, looking for a script and a role, in which I will be able to wow people. And then, in the casting scene, a lot of importance is being given to the right fit. So, I am preparing myself for the day when it arrives, I am equipping my arsenal," he smiles.