Dimple Kapadia
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Dimple Kapadia takes charge of her film's publicity!

Dimple Kapadia

Dimple Kapadia has been part of the film industry for nearly four decades now. But, in the last few years, she has largely played supporting roles — she was Salman Khan’s asthmatic mother in Dabangg (2010) and Saif Ali Khan’s mother in Cocktail (2012). But in the upcoming film, What The Fish, she will be seen in the lead role. However, that won’t be the only part she will be essaying in the film. The veteran actor has now decided to involve herself in the promotion of the movie as well.

“Dimple is excited about the film and she has regularly been participating in the creative discussions including those about the film’s trailer,” says a source close to the actor, adding that she has apparently also been occupied with designing the film’s promotional campaign.

“She doesn’t take up projects very easily. But when she accepts an offer, she gives it her one hundred per cent. The film has a lot of craziness and her character is quite quirky, which is why she wanted to target the youth. She understands very well how the film should be pitched and whom it should be pitched to,” says director Gurmeet Singh.

Incidentally, her involvement comes as a bigger surprise because the industry functioned very differently when Dimple was a budding star. It is a known fact that back then, female actors were sparingly involved in marketing and promotional strategies. However, in this project, Dimple has even had a say in the modifications made to the trailer and the poster. “She has given her inputs and we have considered them all,” adds Gurmeet.