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Dimple Kapadia: 'Plastic surgery is like painting house'

Dimple Kapadia


Mumbai, Sept. 3 -- In her upcoming film, Dimple Kapadia will be seen wearing butt pads to enhance the size of her posterior - a move that miffed the Censor Board. During a conversation with us, the actor says there's nothing wrong with artificial enhancements, even with going under the knife to enhance one's looks, especially in an industry where the pressure to stay beautiful is so immense.

She says, "Do it, by all means. In fact, I think it is wonderful. It is like painting your house. Why would you stay in a dilapidated house when you can paint it, and make it beautiful?"

Earlier, on film-maker Karan Johar's chat show, Rakhi Sawant had said, "Jo bhagwan nahi deta, woh doctor deta hai (What God fails to give, plastic surgery gives)."

Several other actors, too, have reportedly gone under the knife to enhance their looks. The veteran actor, however, calls it an occupational hazard. She adds, "We're in a business where we need to look good. That is what people come to see. You have to take care of yourself. It is like tuning your guitar or fixing your table. It's perfectly alright; what's wrong with it?"