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Saira Banu on Dilip: I'm lucky that I got love from him..


New Delhi, Aug. 23 -- Saira Banu's entire life revolves around her husband, actor Dilip Kumar. The veteran actor, who celebrates her 72nd birthday today, even says that her best birthday gift has been her husband of 51 years.
"It's a fact that ever since I became an actress, and in fact, even before that, I just wanted to be Dilip saab's wife. Material gifts are good, and yes, they make one happy. But, the gift of love is the biggest gift one could ever get. And I am lucky that I have got love from him," she tells us.
It has been "a very difficult year" for Saira Banu - Dilip Kumar has been in the hospital twice. Her birthday will be a "double celebration" for the actor, since "Dilip saab has just returned from the hospital, and we are resetting our life", says Saira, who made her cinema debut with Junglee in 1961 (opposite Shammi Kapoor) and married Dilip Kumar in 1966.
Her only birthday wish this year is the wellbeing of her husband. She says, "I just want God to make Dilip saab completely fit again. I wish he'd get well, and he should always get the love that he's getting right now. That's my only wish for this year."
The birthday celebrations will be private. "When I was young, we used to have big parties. But with age and time, a lot of people leave you. So there are only a few friends who have been there with us at every step of our lives," she says. "This year [the birthday] is going to be with them."