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Dia relieved with no questions on babies..

Dia Mirza


New Delhi, Dec. 19 -- While she is sick of people badgering her about how her life has changed after marriage, actor Dia Mirza - who tied the knot with producer Sahil Sangha in October - is relieved that people haven't started inquiring about when she plans to have kids.

"Thankfully so far the popular question is 'how is married life treating you?' People have not started asking me about babies yet," laughs Dia, who confesses that she is in no hurry to enter motherhood. "I think both Sahil and I are at a stage in life where we would like to believe that whenever good things have to happen, they will happen. As a woman, I don't what to live with this pressure of having a baby. We would both love to have children. We are sure that when the time is right, it will happen. We are not putting that kind of pressure on ourselves yet. We are looking forward to taking each day as it comes," she adds.

However, the 33-year-old actor understands that being a celebrity means constant speculations about her private life, and she is very comfortable in the limelight. "It has never bothered me. There have been instances way back in the past where some things which are untrue or too intimate to speculate have been spoken about. But I think in the last eight to 10 years, I've enjoyed a wonderful, warm relationship with the media. I feel what is highlighted about my life is nothing which I'd feel uncomfortable or awkward about," says Dia.