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Dia Mirza will not act in home production..

Dia Mirza


New Delhi, Sept. 10 -- While Bollywood actor Dia Mirza has expressed her desire to act again, she also emphasises on not acting in one of her productions. The 32-year-old is running a production house with her fiance, Sahil Sangha, and actor Zayed Khan.

"I love making films but if I am making the film, I won't act in it. Unless, the role allows me to breathe and gives me enough room to focus on other things as well. I need to have the time to concentrate on the cause that I want to be a part of, read that book I want to read or spend that extra five minutes with a person who I want to have a conversation with," says Dia, who acted in her first production, Love Breakups Zindagi (2011).

"As generous and professionally gratifying as those six months were, they were taxing as well. It felt like I was doing nothing else," says the actor, who is happy and creatively satisfied with her production responsibilities.

However, she does not want to get too comfortable in the space. "I do miss being in front of the camera, but I don't miss being satisfied and creatively stimulated. I am doing much more now. It's a comfortable space to be in and I know I have to push myself a little out as I don't want to get very comfortable. I have identified something which I want to do next year," she says.