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Dia Mirza: 'I will have a truly secular wedding'

Dia Mirza


New Delhi, Aug. 29 -- Dia Mirza, who is eagerly waiting for her October wedding to producer and business partner Sahil Sangha, says that the functions will have a flavour of the couple's diverse cultures.

The 32-year-old actor's mother is Bengali, father is German, and her stepfather is a Hyderabadi Muslim while Sahil comes from a Punjabi family.

"I am sure there will be elements that my aunts from my mother's side will bring in from the Bengali side. I will also wear the chooda, which is a Punjabi thing. My father believed in Vedas, even though he was German ... so there'll be a little bit of that, too. We will find a fit to bring in the Christian angle as well ... so it's going to be a mashup ... a true Indian secular wedding," she says.

And it's not just the customs. "The menu and the cuisine will also be reflective of our cross-culture. I love chaat and Hyderabadi Mughalai cuisine and Sahil loves Oriental."

The to-be bride will wear an ensemble by designer Ritu Kumar on the big day. "She has made a beautiful joda for me. I am very excited that the sense of wonder that I had for her craftsmanship at a young age has continued to hold that relevance in my life," she says.