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Dia Mirza: I don't feel that I'm a star..

Dia Mirza


New Delhi, Oct. 1 -- Known for her humble attitude, actor Dia Mirza does not take her star status very seriously. The actor is aware that she is in a privileged position and feels lucky for what she gets in return.

"It is a privilege and a blessing. Of course, I have worked hard, but I know people who work much harder than I do, but I don't think that the returns are as high as how they are in my line of work. I feel privileged and humbled by it. Perhaps that is why I don't feel like I am a star," she says.

However the 32-year-old takes the money which she earns very seriously. "I have never taken my fame very seriously. I take the money which I earn seriously. I know that it buys my mother medicine and when I need to admit a loved one to hospital, I'm not panicking to put money together," she says.

The actor, who is all set to tie the knot with producer Sahil Sangha, who she runs a production house with, says, "I believe in backing the content and giving the story everything which it needs, so I fight tooth and nail to make that happen. And then I have Hitler Sahil Sangha, who says that this is great, but can we make it work without it costing so much. While it is frustrating, it is challenging as well. Filmmaking is a highly adaptive job. It's about finding a way to make something happen even if everything shuts down on you. It's fun."