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Sholay's Music: Revisiting the epic!



Mumbai, Aug. 15 -- From songs like 'Yeh dosti', 'Holi ke din' and 'Mehbooba mehbooba' to 'Jab tak hai jaan' and 'Koi haseena', the soundtrack of Sholay (1975) is, inarguably, iconic.

Every track on the album is still fresh in the minds of music aficionados. As the film completes 40 years today, a popular music company is releasing an album, titled Sholay: 40th Anniversary Collection. It has recreated the original soundtrack by adding the movie's dialogues and other elements. Taking cue, we speak to a few musicians to know what made the soundtrack of the Amitabh Bachchanand Dharmendra-starrer so popular.

Adnan Sami

"Everything about Sholay is iconic, including its music, which has become a part of popular culture in India. I believe the soundtrack of the film is one of RD Burman's greatest works. Its music is perhaps the biggest-selling album of his illustrious career."

Salim Merchant

"Sholay will always be a benchmark in Indian cinema. It is like a textbook, where you can study dialogues, drama, screenplay, action, editing and music. It has the best of all elements packed in one film."

Benny Dayal

"Sholay is the perfect example of how a blockbuster should be. It's the first-ever blockbuster of Indian cinema, because it ran for a very long time. The music, dialogues and score are timeless. People still remember the film's dialogues, because they are so catchy. Even after 40 years, the film is fresh in our minds. I congratulate the team of Sholay for creating such an extraordinary piece of art."

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

"The music of Sholay was way ahead of its time. It's amazing that RD Burman created this music 40 years ago. It has something for every music lover. From the melodious 'Yeh dosti' to the peppy 'Mehbooba mehbooba', everything about the soundtrack was amazing. The combination of Burman, Kishore Kumar, Lataji (Mangeshkar) and lyricist Anand Bakshi worked like magic."


"The music of Sholay transcends time and technology. Panchamda's (RD Burman) brilliance reflects in every track, and it's actually the music which makes the visuals look better. The background score is brilliant, and it conjures up the whole film in front of you. I feel nostalgic when I listen to the film's music."