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When Deepika kissed Anushka!

Deepika Padukone

By Tulsi, News Network

Rarely do you see such love, admiration and friendship between the current girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend. Of Ranveer Singh in this case. And we’re so glad there are two girls who actually share something so special in Bollywood!

These two gorgeous, well-dressed and talented women were clicked yesterday, Deepika was congratulating Anushka for the success of NH10 and giving her best wishes in the warmest way.

It doesn’t end just here. The two then headed to Anushka’s house to celebrate the success! How cute is that?

During the recent controversy on Deepika sharing her depression story, Anushka had stood up for her good friend: “When Deepika spoke about her depression, people wrote so many things about her. She was doing it for a larger cause. Catherine Zeta Jones is dealing with bipolar disorder. Do people write such things about her.”

We should have known then, how close the two genuinely are! Also, that surely makes life easier for Ranveer Singh!