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Ranveer-Deepika on link-up rumour!

Deepika Padukone

The newest patakha pair in Bollywood this Diwali are Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, if the grapevine and their sizzling chemistry in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next are indicators good enough. The actors are heating up the screen with their steamy, passionate scenes in the trailers of Ram-Leela, and the two seem as playful off the reel, too. In an exclusive interview, they let us in (albeit with a little tease) on what’s really going on between the two of them.

There is a lot of buzz, rumours and speculation around all this steam, all this passion. And you are fuelling it by saying things like, ‘I have loveria’. You are giving interviews like that. And you (Deepika) are not saying anything. I am really confused. What is going on?
Ranveer: That was a day after I got out of the hospital with dengue.

You are attributing it to illness?
Ranveer: No, I am attributing it to…
Deepika: … mental illness.
Ranveer: …brain fever.
Deepika: It has got to his brain.
Ranveer: I was on lot of medication that day. I would advise any responsible professional to not give public interviews when you are on those many drugs that will make you rather loopy. So let’s leave that particular one. I, in the future, will be more responsible and not give interviews on drugs.

Do you get mad when he does things like that? Do you just tell him, “What were you thinking?”
Deepika: No, it’s amazing, the way he is. He is so unique. And I think what I admire about him is that he is so unapologetic about the way he is. Whether it is the way he dresses or the way he carries himself or the way he speaks ... and I think that’s what makes him so pleasantly different from everyone else.

Okay. So officially are you or are you not seeing each other?
Deepika (looking at Ranveer): What you looking at me for? You gave that loopy interview.
Ranveer: I am the irresponsible one. Do you really want me answering this question?
Deepika: Yes, she is asking you.

No, I am asking both of you. Your answer is no.
Ranveer: No.
Deepika: I have always said no.
Ranveer: (laughs)

Why do you both look like you’re completely lying?
Ranveer: I don’t know. I’m not lying. (Both laugh).
Deepika: I think it’s amazing that there is so much speculation about this alleged romance between the two of us. It’s great as long as it works for the film. I think it’s also because from the time we have started working, yes, we did hang out. We do hang out. We do go out and so much is always said about two people just hanging out. But it’s fine. I appreciate that people see this chemistry between the two of us and eventually I think what is most important is that it translates on-screen and we have that going for us. I think that’s the most important thing.

‘This is the best onscreen kiss’

So how do two actors create chemistry like that? (Anu is referring to their chemistry in Ram-Leela)
Ranveer Singh: I don’t know, I don’t think you can credit it to anything from this world. I think it’s destiny, no?
Deepika Padukone: What? (laughs)

What’s he saying?
Deepika Padukone: I don’t know what he’s saying.
Ranveer Singh: Extra-special!

It is extra special, how often do you see that?
Ranveer Singh: You have to own the romance and the love story for you to be engaged when there is conflict. So that is the driving force and we always knew that at the outset.
Deepika Padukone: I don’t think he [Bhansali] has ever directed us together. He has spoken to me as Leela and he directed him as Ram and then we just come together and we do our thing and you get that. Well, he says destiny. I think it’s just an intangible thing. There is no formula to it. You don’t say little bit of this and that. It just happens.

But when you were doing it, did you know? Does it feel different when you are actually doing it?
Deepika Padukone: I think I was a little nervous when I was starting [Ram-Leela] because he [Ranveer] was on board right from the start and had a lot of prep time. Whereas I came on board very last minute. But he [Ranveer] kept saying right from the beginning that we had amazing chemistry.

You knew in your bones?
Ranveer Singh: Yes, I was feeling it while performing it and I could tell. Because it’s evident. You can feel it and everybody around feels it, and Mr. Bhansali certainly feels it ’cos he is watching it with a hawk-eye vision. So yes, I knew on set only that something good is going on.

So why is this kiss that you’ve been talking about is the best kiss in history, ever?
Deepika Padukone: Don’t look at me. Answer your own questions.
Ranveer Singh: I’ve been watching Hindi films for a long time and I’ve seen many onscreen kisses. I’ve seen this one also in the rough cut, it’s the best one.

That’s all you will say about it?
Ranveer Singh: Why is it the best one?  I don’t know. Just watch and tell me if you agree. (laughs)