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OMG: Deepika thinks she looks better with Ranbir!

Deepika Padukone

By Tulsi, News Network

And Ranveer Singh is about to prove her wrong!

Says the actor, who seems to be on a mission: “Deepika is going through her golden period. I had the privilege to acting in such close tandem with her in Bajirao Mastani. Now, we have intense romantic scenes together."

"Deepika does not think so but I think our chemistry is extra special. Deepika feels I look better with Anushka and she looks better with Ranbir Kapoor. I am not of that opinion, I have a point to prove to her on that.”

Oh well hell yes you better do! Because like, Dippy and Ranbir were cute together and all that, but her and Ranveer are like STEAMING HOT!

Remember Ram-Leela?

Case closed.