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India Today apologizes for Deepika-Kim Kardashian poll!

Deepika Padukone

By Tulsi, News Network

They had posted a video of a poll on social media that was titled as: “Deepika Padukone or Kim Kardishian who’s your choice for a one night stand?”

Sounds like a Twitter poll by a loser like Kamaal R Khan, no?! Yep, that’s the new low the Indian media has hit. And all we can say is, congratulations for the new benchmark!

This isn’t the first time poor Deepika has been targeted by the shameful media. A few months ago, TOI had focused an extra zoom-in into Deepika’s cleavage. And now this. Again, by a leading publication.

But thankfully we have quite a few sensible, and these days quite sensitive about women-centric issues. So, India Today received a lot of hate! And because of that the publication has publicly apologized.  

This is the power of standing up!