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Girl gang follows Deepika at home!

Deepika Padukone

Mumbai, March 29 -- After a successful 2013, the number of Deepika Padukone's fans has certainly gone up. And even though the actor is used to being adored by her male fans, this time she had to deal with a group of young girls fawning over her.

Over the past month, the group comprising four-five college-going girls, would regularly park themselves near her home in Prabhadevi.    

"The girls used to stand outside her building till late in the evening trying to figure out what time Deepika came and went. They were trying hard to spot her car since they wanted to get a chance to meet her. They loitered around her building for over a month. Finally, when Deepika's team brought it to her notice, she immediately asked them to call the girls inside the building's premises," says an insider.    

When Deepika met them, they spoke to her about various things and discussed her films and characters in detail. "When the girls told her that they had been trying to meet her for a while and would wait till odd hours, Deepika was concerned about their security. She immediately introduced them to her manager and asked them to be in touch with her rather than wait outside the building," adds the insider.    

Despite repeated attempts, Deepika couldn't be reached for comment, but her spokesperson confirmed this news.