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Diwali at home for Deepika!

Deepika Padukone


Mumbai, Oct. 19 -- After four years of being away from home during Diwali, Deepika Padukone will celebrate the festival with her family in Bengaluru.

The actor's official spokesperson confirms, "Deepika has completed all her commitments to ensure that she can go home for Diwali this year. She has not been able to celebrate the festival with her family since a few years, due to her hectic schedules. However, this time around, she managed to take a two-day break. She will leave on October 23 (Thursday) morning."

Adding that Diwali is one of Deepika's favourite festivals, the spokesperson says, "Although she has a film on the brink of release, and has been actively involved in the promotions, she planned this trip well in advance. In the past few years, she has been busy with work. And since she had bought a new house in Mumbai, her family had been visiting her."

Deepika - who has had a fairly good year at the box-office so far with her only release, Finding Fanny, having done well - is currently trying to wrap up work before her break.

The spokesperson says, "She spends time with her parents often, and even during Diwali, going back home is something she cherishes as she hardly gets to do so." When contacted, Deepika adds, "I spend Diwali with my family every time, and this year again, we'll all be together. I really look forward to it."