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Deepika's fan in the spotlight!

Deepika Padukone

Mumbai, March 19 -- Recently, Deepika Padukone gave her fan, Prerna Maynil, a unique opportunity. She took her along to an awards function, walked with her on the red carpet and even called her on stage when she received an award.    

Now, the young girl is being bombarded with calls from TV channels to participate in interviews and chat shows to talk about her experience.    

Prerna has no connection with the film industry; she just happens to be a fan of Deepika, who got really lucky to have such an experience. So it surprises her that she is getting calls from the media now.    

"There's a lot of curiosity among the media, and she is getting many requests to feature in an interview with Deepika," says a source close to Deepika and Prerna.    The insider adds, "They want to learn about her experience directly from her. Although she hasn't consented to any interviews yet, such requests are making her feel like a star."    

Confirming the news, Deepika's spokesperson says, "Deepika's gesture was received very well by her fans and the media. Since then, there have been umpteen queries and requests for Prerna," adding, "Even among her family and friends, Prerna continues to be questioned about Deepika and the evening she spent at the awards ceremony."