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Deepika finally voices her opinion on the 'My Choice' video

Deepika Padukone

By Tulsi, News Network

Most of the nation thought that the #VogueEmpower video by Homi Adajania was Deepika’s own take and that she was voicing her opinion through all the things she said in the video, many of them extremely controversial to some people! It sparked debates and accusations, and poor Deepika got stuck in the middle of everything.

It’s been a tough few months for the actress, but her calm and composed behavior has kept her still rocking!

In the interview with Anupama Chopra, she was finally asked about the controversy, and so, she finally explained her point of view.

She in fact mentions that there are a few lines in the video which she personally does not relate to! But she also says that she has no right to change it because it’s Homi’s very own a creative piece! She said: “When Homi and everyone came up with the script and read it to me, I said it… I said “Homi, personally, there are a couple of lines I don’t identify with” but that’s me having a conversation with my directer. It’s his creative piece… I can’t mess with that. But as an individual, there are some lines (from the video) that I don’t endorse or that I don’t stand for.”

She also expressed her disappointment in people for not understanding the intentions and picking up the small nitty-gritties. “I looked at it from a macro perspective and not a micro perspective. It is slightly disappointing when – one, I’m being accused of something that I am endorsing, when I don’t. Honestly, that’s not even the part that bothered me. The disappointing thing was the fact that (while talking about) an issue which is so relevant at this point in all our lives, we choose to pick out lines from the larger narrative and story the film was trying to make and blow it completely out of context.”

She also spoke about working hard to achieve success, and the priviledges that comes with that kind of success earned, and so spoke so bloody well!

You’ve got to watch the video! She’s got too much class for any other actress today to handle…