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Deepika back to sports!

Deepika Padukone


Mumbai, Feb. 15 -- Deepika Padukone has come on board to endorse the World Cup campaign of a leading sports brand. This is apparently the first time that the company has signed up a celebrity, who is not a sportsperson.

"She recently came on board as the brand ambassador of a leading sports brand. This is the first time they have signed on a Bollywood celebrity," says a source close to the actor.

Though Deepika has played badminton at national-level championships in the past, she doesn't play the sport professionally. So the brand had to drift away from their conventional policy of hiring its brand ambassadors. "This is the first time in over five decades that a personality, who doesn't play sports professionally, has been signed by the brand. They did a survey before taking the decision. They felt that Deepika was a good choice as she has glamour and youth connect. The company will be peddling its World Cup campaign through Deepika," says the source.

When contacted, the actor confirmed the news.