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Deepika and Irrfan Khan yell at each other on the sets!

Deepika Padukone

By Tulsi, News Network

No no, it was not just a regular fight, but a fight that involved a lot of screaming and shouting, that took Shoojit a lot of effort to control.

This happened as they discussing a scene, and their voices started raising and soon they were about to bite each other’s head off! Shoojit and the crew ran quickly to solve the issue, but they walked away with much anger…

Both Deepika and Irrfan are extremely mature actors. So what could it have been that made them so angry? The two have strong personalities, and strong opinions. Could this have been the reason for their differences on the set?

Or could it just be that the two are adorable little naughty friends who were just playing a prank on their director and the rest of the team?!

Of course! After half hour, when the two actors were called for shooting, the atmosphere was very tense. But these two crazy ones burst off into laughter. Apparently, they were just fooling around with Shoojit and the team!

One of the team members described the entire episode: “Both Irrfan and Deepika were sitting and discussing an important sequence, when all of a sudden both the actors started yelling at each other. Shoojit and others tried to reason with them, but that didn’t work. Both Deepika and Irrfan stormed off and retreated into their respective vanity vans. When they were called for the scene, everyone on the sets were tensed. And seeing the worried faces, the lead pair just burst out laughing. That’s when Shoojit and crew realised that it was a well organised prank by Deepika and Irrfan.”

They make a great, great team on screen, but it looks like they make a great team on the sets as well!