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Deepika, Alia are Imtiaz Ali's favourite leading ladies!


Scripts penned by filmmaker Imtiaz Ali have featured strong female leads in the past — cases in point, Deepika Padukone’s turn as a spunky girl in Cocktail (2012) and Alia Bhatt’s recent gritty portrayal in Highway. And the director minces no words in praising his favourite leading ladies.

Ask Imtiaz about this and he says, "Deepika is a very coming-of-age heroine. And Alia, considering her age, is extremely talented."

Recently, the fimmaker was quoted saying that since day one, he had Alia on his mind for the film.

And as far as Deepika is concerned, the duo will be working together once again in an upcoming film, for which she will begin shooting in Europe soon.

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  2. The Shaukeens INR 21.3 cr.
  3. Rang Rasiya INR 2.5 cr.
  4. Super Nani INR 1.4 cr.
  5. Happy New Year INR 200.7 cr.

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