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Darshan Kumaar: 'I've never met Mary Kom's husband'

Darshan Kumaar


New Delhi, Aug. 8 -- Actor Darshan Kumaar can't stop raving about boxer Mary Kom's husband, K Onler Kom, whose character he is essaying in an upcoming biopic on her.

"It's because of him that I'm here today. I haven't yet met Onler or Mary Kom, but whenever I meet him, I want to salute him and hug him!" says the 32-year-old, adding, "I have got to learn so much from Onler's character ... right from being a great soul to how to be a pillar of strength for someone."

Well, this ain't the only thing that this Jat boy is thrilled about. Having bagged a debut alongside one of the top actors of Bollywood - Priyanka Chopra - Kumaar says he's living his dream.

"My dad was in a government service, and no one in my family has been part of the film industry. I, from the very childhood, wanted to be an actor. I did theatre in Delhi and Mumbai but this opportunity was like a dream come true ... it seems as if am living in a fairy tale world," says Kumaar, claiming that in spite of being a newbie in the film industry, at no point did he feel like an outsider.

"Priyanka is so down to earth that I never felt I was working with a star. She'd even help me out with my scenes, and seeing her rehearse and shoot for those tough action scenes for 14-15 hours every day, I was completely in awe of her," says Kumaar, who has more reasons to celebrate than just this film.

In his next release, after this biopic, he will be seen alongside actor Anushka Sharma, playing a grey character. "Anushka, who's also the producer of the film, didn't ever act like a producer ... she was completely chilled out," he says.