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Salman takes an interest!

Daisy Shah

Mumbai, Jan. 4 -- Salman Khan has launched several leading ladies, like Sneha Ullal (Lucky: No Time For Love, 2005) and Zarine Khan (Veer, 2010). However, he never took an active interest in their careers once their respective films released. Things seem to be a tad different with Daisy Shah. There is a murmur in the industry that the Dabangg (2010) star is taking a special interest in his Jai Ho co-star.     

Daisy was offered the second lead's role that was finally lapped up by Hazel Keech, in Bodyguard (2011). However, for some reason, things did not work out and she was then given a second chance by Salman. "It was unusual on his part to reconsider her for another film when she had refused his previous offer," says an insider.     

And after roping her in for the Sohail Khan-directed project, Salman is apparently guiding her on how to deal with the industry and handle the media to ensure that she gains a foothold in Bollywood.

"Daisy is a simple girl and Salman has asked her to keep her simplicity intact. He feels it is her identity and will take her a long way," says the source. Witnesses observe the actor had showered a similar kind of affection and care on Katrina Kaif in the past.     

Also, on Salman's advice, the upcoming film's makers had kept Daisy out of the first trailer of the film, where the actor was planning to unveil his look. When contacted, the spokesperson of the film confirms the development and says, "Daisy does not belong to the film fraternity and since Salman is launching her, he is also grooming her in the ways of the industry. He has already started sharing tips with her as they will soon start the film's promotions."