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Salman is my hero in reel and real life: Daisy

Daisy Shah

Newcomer Daisy Shah, 29, who will be seen in Salman Khan starrer Jai Ho, says she regretted  saying no to the superstar for his hit film, Bodyguard.

“I regret only one thing, and that was saying no to Salman. I think whether you work with Salman or not, his presence in your life is more than enough. That way, I felt I lost out on him. I look at him as a hero, as my hero in real and in reel life. I am very fond of him, and I am getting to romance him (in the film),” Daisy said.

Daisy was offered to play Kareena Kapoor Khan’s best friend in Bodyguard, but the role did not excite her. “I was not convinced with the part that I was offered. I was also shooting for a south film and dates were a problem. I couldn’t put that project on hold, I had to concentrate on one thing, I chose to do the south film,” she said.

But it took her some time to explain to Salman the reason for saying no. “I took time to give an answer to him. I was preparing myself for 7-8 days on how to say no to him. I feel anything done half-heartedly is a waste,” she said.

When she rejected the role, Salman just said OK, but did not take it well. She said during the shooting of Jai Ho, Salman revealed that he was angry with her for not doing the role. Daisy was one of the background dancers in Salman’s Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya and he noticed her once and asked her if she would like to get into acting.

“We were shooting for a song in South Africa for Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya and while doing rehearsals, he saw a glimpse of me in a video tape. He felt I had the potential of becoming big or getting into acting. He did not tell me anything that time as I was not prepared about what to do next. When he learnt that I’ve modelled and acted in south films, he asked me to act,” she said.

Salman has launched many newcomers and people look upto him as a godfather and a mentor. “When I have to say something about him, I fall short of words. Whoever I am today, wherever I am today, I owe it all to him,” she said.