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Chitrangada Singh's voting woes!

Chitrangda Singh

New Delhi, April 27 -- She was recently seen asking people to vote. However, the actor herself did not get a chance to vote. "When I went down to vote in Delhi, my name was not there on the voter's list. I was amazed, because my maid, who had the same address, had her name on the list, but not me," says Chitrangada, who feels that politicians are not exactly appealing to the middle class for votes.

"Apart from the recent candidates, most of them have been trying to get their votes from certain economic sections in the society. They don't come and talk to us, the middle class. They don't discuss what problems we are going through and I don't understand why that happens. I don't remember a candidate from my constituency coming to me and speaking to me about what problems I have," says Chitrangada.

Ask her about what she thinks are the biggest issues that one should vote for, and the 38-year-old actor says, "Of course, the number one issue has to be corruption. It's shocking to see how our money is being misused and not put in the right use. There's also the issue of security and women empowerment. I think these two need to be addressed with immediate effect," she says.

Chitrangada, does not wish to enter politics anytime soon, but believes that actors entering politics is a good thing. "There's nothing bad or wrong with it anyway. Is there? I think actors can be politicians and actually do a good job as well," she signs off.