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Just like Salman, Kick's Devil lives from the heart: Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat


Four of his novels have made it to the big screen but Chetan Bhagat hopes his screenplay writing job on the upcoming Salman Khan-starrer Kick will help him expand his horizon in Bollywood.

The offer to write the screenplay for Kick came from Sajid Nadiadwala, who was one of the producers on the movie adaptation of author's Two States. Nadiadwala turns director with the film.

Another reason that attracted Bhagat to the project was Salman Khan's name. The actor had a cameo in 2008 movie Hello, based on the writer's One Night @ the Call Center.

"Sajid Nadiadwala had liked the story of Two States and he was looking to turn director with a dream project starring Salman Khan. He asked me to write the script. Another reason that attracted me to the story was that it matches with Salman's personality. The character in the film does everything for a high. That's is something which matches with Salman's personality. He is a man of moment and he lives from the heart and so is the character in Kick," Bhagat said in an interview.

When asked whether screenplay writing will overtake his writing job, Bhagat said he rather saw it as an "extension and a learning experience". He also enjoyed collaborating with other writers on the movie.

"I want to expand my horizon as a writer. I had other offers earlier but I declined them because I primarily want to remain an author but between books I can write screenplays. My next novel, a love story between a rural boy and an urban girl, will be out soon," he said.

The author's fifth novel Revolution 2020 is also headed for movie adaptation with the UTV. Rajkumar Gupta of No One Killed Jessica is apparently aboard to helm the project but Bhagat professed ignorance when asked about Arjun Kapoor joining the project.

"I have been busy with my novel so I will focus on Revolution 20/20 now. The cast and crew are not finalised but it will be a big film," Bhagat said.