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Boney Kapoor: Aspiring actors should be careful..

Boney Kapoor


Mumbai, April 7 -- Last week, Boney Kapoor filed a case against two people who cheated a young man of a huge amount of money using the producer's company's name. As the police arrest the culprits, Boney narrates the story, and explains why aspiring actors should be wary of fraudsters.

So, what exactly happened?

A woman was acting as a casting agent, and her partner posed as an executive producer on behalf of my company. They told an aspiring actor (Karan Sharda) that they will get him a contract with my company. But before that, they asked him to pay over 3 lakh as the registration fee of CINTA (Cine & TV Artistes' Association), without which he can't work in Bollywood.

How did you find out?

Karan paid the money (around 3.5 lakh), but when he didn't get the CINTA card and a copy of the registration, he landed up at my office. That's when my office staff realised that something was amiss. To make it all look authentic, the duo had hacked my email account, besides somehow manipulating my mobile number on the caller ID.

When did you inform the police?

My office reported the matter to the Oshiwara Police Station. The police have been very helpful and cooperative and, within 48 hours, they caught the culprits. Young aspiring actors should be careful.