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Rana: They will never stop linking me up with Bipasha..

Bipasha Basu


New Delhi, Jan. 22 -- Actor Rana Daggubati is so tired of being linked up with actor Bipasha Basu that he won't bother clarifying it anymore.

The two were rumoured to be dating two years back, and recently there was speculation that they are back together, after Bipasha was spotted at his birthday party. However, Rana clears the air once and for all that there is no romance brewing between the two.

"I have cleared the air so many times about Bipasha and me, but no one seems to believe me. No matter what I say or do, they will still link me to her," says Rana adding, "Bipasha is one of my closest friends and we go back a long way. I threw a party on my birthday and she was there as well. But that is all there is to it. I don't know why they keep linking us up," he says.

Yet, the actor doesn't let this get in the way of their friendship. "When I come to Mumbai, I always make it a point to meet all my friends. As it is, I have a handful of friends in Mumbai and she is one of them. So, I definitely meet her and I don't let all of this affect us," says Rana.

And the rumours of his relationship with Bipasha aren't the only things he is tired of. He is also tired of other stories about him. "When I am in Chennai, they write about what I am doing here (Mumbai), when I am here, they write about something which I am apparently doing there (Chennai). I have reached a stage when I just don't get affected by this," he says.