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Mumbai, Sept. 13 -- With a unique effort to connect with the audience, T-Series, India's biggest music label, has opened an official account with WeChat. This account will enable audiences to get all the latest updates regarding upcoming T-Series films, and share this content with their friends.

For T-Series's latest film, Creature 3D, which released on September 11, users can get exclusive content such as news, posters, wallpapers etc. through the account. Creature 3D is also the first film to be promoted through this endeavour.

"Creature 3D is one of the few 3D thrillers to have released in India, and we want to reach out to larger audiences through innovative platforms which the youth of the country are already engaging through," says Bhushan Kumar, chairman and managing director, T-Series, adding, "We have decided to communicate with our target audience through the newly launched T-Series official account and intrigue them to watch our films."

Actor Bipasha Basu, who stars in the film, thinks this is the best way to reach out to more people. "The engagement being built on smartphone and messaging platforms such as WeChat through exclusive content, will definitely give us an edge and pull our audiences to movie halls," she says.

"With the growing importance of social media, a number of brands have chosen WeChat as the preferred medium of reaching out to their target audience," adds Nilay Arora, VP and head - business development, T-Series