Bipasha Basu
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Can't do films just to be in the news: Bipasha Basu


In a Bollywood career spanning 15 years, Bipasha Basu Singh Grover has done a variety of films. She became popular for her bold and sensual image with movies such as Raaz (2002) and Jism (2003).

She also tried her hand at romantic and comedy films. In the last couple of years, Bipasha has done horror films too.

The actor says she believes in doing substantial work. “I don’t want to do movies just for the heck of it, or to be in the news. I want to find work that is unheard of, and that would satisfy me,” she says.

Bipasha shared screen space with her husband, Karan Singh Grover, in Alone (2015). She says that they are often approached to work together. “A lot of films are offered to us, but both of us need to approve of a script. It’s no longer an individual decision,” she says.

Though Bipasha has explored Hindi cinema extensively, she wants to do Bengali films now. “I’ve been offered a lot of films. There are beautiful movies being made on varied subjects in Bengali cinema, where actors can find nuances from their personal life; something that may not have happened in my Bollywood career,” she says, adding, “Bengali cinema is getting its due. It’s just a notion that regional cinema isn’t able to reach out to people. When it’s good cinema, it always does.”

Meanwhile, Bipasha is known for her fitness in the industry. Doesn’t she feel pressurised to look a certain way? “Not really,” she says, adding, “With my marriage and the honeymoon phase, I learnt to let go. Now, I’m putting pressure on myself to be more diligent [with the workouts]. I’ve always said that it’s not about what you look like. Once you’re fit, you will always look good.”