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Bips is open about love!

Bipasha Basu


New Delhi, Sept. 3 -- While there are many in tinsel town who choose to keep their love life under wraps, actor Bipasha Basu has no qualms talking about it openly.

The 35-yearold, who is in a relationship with 33-year-old actor Harman Baweja, feels that she has no reason to hide her relationship. "I'm not doing anything morally wrong or hurting anyone. It is a part of my life which is respectable. If my family respects it (relationship) then I expect the whole world to do the same. The least one can do is to give respect to one's partner. I don't understand why I need to hide that ... I have been like this from the beginning," says the actor, who will soon be seen in the film Creature 3D.

While the two don't reveal when, they plan a destination wedding, whenever it happens. "If I ever get married, I would love a destination wedding. But that does not mean that I have to hide it. Everyone will get to know about it when it happens," says Bips, who broke the news about her relationship with Harman through a tweet at the beginning of this year.

Speaking about how Harman holds her attention, Bipasha says, "Harman has a beautiful and a very intelligent mind. He has a great heart, and is a warm human being. He is a really funny guy and has a great sense of humour; he always makes me laugh."