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Bipasha Basu: I plan to buy my dream house..

Bipasha Basu


Mumbai, Jan. 7 -- Two years ago, Bipasha Basu took 45 friends to Goa to celebrate her birthday (on January 7) and "danced non-stop and didn't let anyone sleep". This year, unfortunately, she doesn't even have the time for a party, but she says she will host one later this month.

As she turns 36 today, the actor talks to us about her birthday plans, and why she loves receiving presents.

How do you plan to celebrate your birthday today?

I am busy with the promotions of my next release. So, I don't even have the time for a party. But I will host one later in the month. I am crazy like that... I celebrate my 'birth month' and not just one day. I will have lunch with my parents, as I can binge on rice on this one day - my mom's biryani, prawn malai curry and rice, and mutton curry and rice; there will also be gajar ka halwa and kheer. My friends will get three types of cakes too... I am looking forward to eating a lot of good food.

Are you fond of gifts?

I love gifts. But it's the thought that counts, as the value doesn't matter. I get super excited about my birthday. There's a part of me that will never grow up.

What are you gifting yourself this year?

I plan to buy my dream house that has been on hold for three years now as I did not have any time. I will find the perfect house that has a pool, an open kitchen and lots of space for my wardrobe.

Does love figure in your scheme of things?

Matters of the heart are complicated. It (love) can happen at the strangest time with that strangest person. You can't plan to stay away from it or go looking for it. I don't believe in arranged marriages, so I need to connect with a person.