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Bipasha Basu doesn't regret her film choices..

Bipasha Basu


Mumbai, Oct. 29 -- Her recent films may not have done very well at the box-office, but Bipasha Basu is still proud of the choices she has made, and she doesn't feel the need to take people's judgment seriously.

"When you put something out for the public, some people will appreciate it and some will criticise it. I don't bother myself with those who don't like my films," says the Bollywood actor, who was last seen in Vikram Bhatt's thriller, Creature 3D. "With that film, too, I had a great time shooting it, and it made the money. So, I have no regrets," she says.

The 35-year-old feels it is pointless to try and foresee how a film will perform at the box-office. "I feel that once you have done your bit, you don't need to think about what will happen once the film is released."

Meanwhile, Bipasha, who is in a relationship with Harman Baweja, has now started a chain of fitness centres with him. Ask her how she manages her personal and professional time and she says, "Harman and I like to discuss everything. So, there isn't anything like a personal or a professional space."