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Bipasha Basu: Bollywood makes you insecure..

Bipasha Basu


Mumbai, Sept. 17 -- Bipasha Basu, says the industry is a place that makes you do things you normally wouldn't do. But the actor is happy with the choices she has made.

"I've seen what goes around here. It's a business, which is very desperate and makes you insecure... it makes you do things, which you normally won't do. I have protected myself from all that," says the actor.

She feels that she's been able to keep herself away from such trouble by learning to say no. "I've never compromised on my principles. I learned to say no very early on. In our business, no one says no easily," she says, adding that it's not been easy to be the way she is. "I am a bit upfront and honest, and I don't know how to sugarcoat stuff... I say it as I see it." Bips feels that people in the industry have accepted her the way she is. "I have been in the business for very long. So, 90 per cent people know that I am a no-nonsense person, and they understand me," she says.

And she says the going's been good. "To me, success means being proud of who you are. I am extremely proud of myself. I am absolutely self-made... I have made money for me and my family. I am famous, and it has all happened without piggybacking on anyone," she says.

While there are many who take up films back to back, Bipasha says she's clear about being selective. "For me, that little space... the understanding that I will do only three films a year, and do other things in life too, is important. Every time I've done more than that, I've fallen sick and become fat. So, I took that conscious decision eight years ago," she says.