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Pulkit: We'd like to gift Bhushan & Divya a chopper ride over the Taj Mahal


Mumbai, Feb. 14 -- Bhushan Kumar and Divya Khosla Kumar's wedding anniversary was yesterday - just a day before Valentine's Day (February 14). They got married on February 13, 2005.

We caught up with the producer-director couple, and actors Yami Gautam and Pulkit Samrat, who star in the film, Sanam Re, that is produced by Bhushan and directed by Divya, to ask them about their Valentine's Day plans.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

PULKIT: There is honestly no other plan, besides watching Sanam Re. I think Yami and I would like to gift them (Bhushan and Divya) a chopper ride over the Taj Mahal on this day of love.

BHUSHAN: I have arranged a very special gift for her. She asked me for something eight years back, and at that time, I didn't give it to her.

DIVYA: I am so impressed that he remembers something I asked for eight years ago.

Do you believe in Valentine's Day?

PULKIT: Of course, every Valentine's Day has been memorable. But more so because my mum used to thrash me for buying gifts for girls, when I didn't have money. I would buy gifts on credit, and the people I used to borrow money from, would come home.

YAMI: I have been a total bookworm, and a studious girl, who never believed in Valentine's Day. This is the first time I am endorsing this day, and telling students to give their books a break, and go and watch our film, Sanam Re.

Sanam Re, produced by T-Series, released on February 12, 2016.