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Divya Khosla Kumar: 'More women should turn directors'

Mumbai, Jan. 10 -- A famous husband may mean bigger opportunities in Bollywood, but Divya Khosla Kumar insists that being married to Bhushan didn't necessarily mean that it was easier for her.

She discusses her maiden film, and how it's just the beginning of her film-making career. I wanted to channelise my creativity as well as grow as a person. Directing music videos was a great outlet. I feel that more women should turn directors as they are more sensitive and emotional than men - that's a crucial factor in being a good director. Women are also great multitaskers and can juggle their roles as wives, mothers and professionals simultaneously, with aplomb. That should be important for every woman. Only if I grow as a person can I encourage my kids to be better. I came to Mumbai 12 years ago to make a name for myself. Bhushan and I are both creative people, and it would have been a waste of my talent to sit at home, socialise and just be Mrs Bhushan Kumar. My husband was very encouraging and he understood my need to find my own niche.