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Ayushmann's ready with his next song!

Ayushmann Khurana


New Delhi, Aug. 8 -- Actor Ayushmann Khurrana is known for his melodious voice as much as he's known for his acting skills. The Vicky Donor star, who has released five songs so far - including Paani Da Rang, Saadi Galli Aaja and O Heeriye - is now looking forward to release another single next month.

"It's called Mitti Di Khushboo... it's unlike any of my previous songs, except that this one is also a romantic song. But it's not the usual acoustic, soft rock types. Instead, it has more electronic style music," says Ayushmann, adding that the song is a composition from his college days and has been written and composed by his friend Rochak Kohli.

The actor-singer also plans to shoot a video for the song - something that will be partly shot in Punjab and maybe SouthEast Asia or San Francisco. And guess what, the video will also feature actor Huma Qureshi. "Huma and I are friends. I wanted a 'Punjabi kudi' type girl in the video and she fits the bill perfectly. Huma has heard the song and she loved it," says Ayushmann.

Talking about his musical journey so far, the 29-year-old says: "I've only released a few songs till now and I'm thankful to people in the industry for liking my music."

While the actor hasn't taken up performing live big time for now, he does do a few corporate shows, every now and then. But Ayushmann adds that some of his shows abroad have done really well. "One in Texas, US saw almost 35,000 Indians attend the concert. And, to see such a crowd turn up for your music, feels great," he says.

Is he up for performing at music festivals in India? "I'd love to do something like that soon. In fact, there is something developing on that front," concludes Ayushmann.