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Ayushmann: 'There is no rat race in the industry'

New Delhi, March 21 -- Actor Ayushmann Khurrana is in love with Indian Cinema. The 32-year-old actor is looking forward to three releases this year, and feels that Bollywood is open for every kind of cinema.

"There's no rat race here about who is better. Everyone is unique in their own way and that's how I fit in this industry," he says, adding, "It (cinema) mirrors the real life, the reality of the society. But, at the same time it is also like a dream, a make-believe world." The actor, who will be playing the role of a Maharashtrian scientist, explains that due to unavailability of information about the real scientist, the character will be fictitious.

"You go on the internet and there are only 100 words about him. So, there are a lot of fictitious elements to it," he says.

Ask him about learning Marathi (for his role) and Ayushmann says, "Maza Nav Ayushmann aahe ( My name is Ayushmann)," adding, "It is coming along fine. I can understand it and I have been learning a lot of it from my staff. The important thing I have to learn is to pick up the dialect."

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