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Ayushmann: I react to whatever the other person is doing..


Mumbai, July 3 -- Guess what's the best advice Ayushmann Khurrana has ever received? 
The actor says it was from film-maker Aditya Chopra, who once told him, "Be yourself in your films. Whatever is the extension of your personality, you should portray that until the time you change as a person." 
For a lot of actors, being oneself on screen is often easier said than done, but Ayushmann says, "I think I am more of a natural actor." 
To start with, he credits his training in street and stage theatre. 
"Besides being an actor, I was an anchor and a radio presenter, too, so that has made me a natural performer. I am not a method actor at all. I will just read the lines and deliver whatever I have been asked to do," says the actor, whose performance in his debut film, Vicky Donor (2012), was praised a lot.
Ayushmann says that he's more of a "reactive actor" than a method actor. "[When I am acting], I react to whatever the other person is doing. Every method is different, and there are no rules. Also, every actor and person is different, [so] you should go for whatever you are comfortable with," he says, adding that he is "not looking to change that".
A few days ago, the actor wrapped up his new film, Shubh Mangal Saavdhan (SMS). He says it was an "amazing and brilliant" experience. "[RS] Prasanna is a diligent director. I had as much fun shooting for SMS as I did during Vicky Donor. Like in the latter, everything was on schedule and it [any shot] didn't take more than two takes," he says.
Ayushmann adds that while they had the "same level of fun and madness while shooting SMS" as they did during Vicky Donor, the two films are "poles apart in their own ways". "Of course, the problem [that his character faces] is completely opposite in the film (laughs), but the situations, the feeling of the script and the environment were similar," says the actor.