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Ayushmann gets slapped!


Mumbai, May 7 -- While understanding a role and getting into the skin of a character often becomes challenging for newcomers, their learning process sometimes takes a toll on their experienced co-actors.

Recently, while shooting for his upcoming film, Ayushmann Khurrana was supposed to be slapped by a newcomer, Bhumi Pednekar, in a scene. But she wasn't able to get the scene right and ended up taking about 20 retakes. Talking about the scene, a source says, "The director, Sharat Katariya, wanted to get it right, so they shot the scene almost 20 times.

After a few retakes, the director and the crew realised that Ayushmann's ear had turned red." The spokesperson of the film says, "Bhumi was asked to slap Ayushmann so that the scene looks authentic. And to get it right, we had to do some retakes." When the scene was finally shot, everyone apologised to Ayushmann and the actor took it in his stride.

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